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David Avanesyan defeats Kerman Lejarraga

Avanesyan, 30, hurt the Spaniard Lejarraga with a right hand to the head in the ninth. Avanesyan then unloaded on the hurt 27-year-old Lejarraga with a storm of shots that drove him across the ring to the ropes. Avanesyan continued to nail Lejarraga with unanswered shots until the referee Robin Dolpierre jumped in between them and stopped the bout. Immediately after the fight was stopped, Lejarraga hit the deck. Earlier in the fight, Lejarraga backed Avanesyan to the ropes in the fourth round, but was dropped suddenly by a sharp right hook by the Russian fighter. Lejarraga got careless and was put on the deck hard. The remainder of the fight saw Avanesyan getting the better of the action with his speedy combinations against the plodding Lejarraga, who looked over-matched. The fight was an important one for Lejarraga, as he came into it highly ranked at #2 WBC, #5 IBF and #5 WBA. However, it was soon apparently that Lejarraga didn’t deserve the high ranking that those organizations gave to him. Avanesyan was hitting Lejarraga with combinations throughout the fight, and looking like the much more talented guy. Although Lejarraga did appear to hurt Avanesyan in the eighth round, he wasn’t able to put him away, and he found himself taking a lot of punishment a round later in the ninth.

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